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River Cruises Europe

River Cruises Europe

River Cruises Europe

River Cruises Europe


River Cruises in Europe

How beautiful are River Cruises in Europe

River cruises Europe offers are some of the best in the world, and choosing this style of vacation will guarantee that you see as much as possible at a great, affordable price. A river cruise throughout Europe no matter which area you choose offers you stunning scenery, incredible landmarks and unique experiences. The boats which are used are typically smaller than other cruise ships, providing a far more relaxed and personal feel.

You can sit back on deck, watching the world go by as you gently cruise down some of Europe's most stunning waterways. River cruises Europe offers are varied and will depend on what destinations you are looking for. All of the countries throughout Europe offer totally different experiences, cuisines and scenery. If you cannot decide on one destination, you may want to consider joining a cruise that includes several different countries.


Several different options for River Cruises in Europe

There are several different options when it comes to choosing the river cruises Europe offers and you will need to consider your budget and needs. Some people can afford to join the longer cruises which will take them through several different countries, typically for up to 14 nights. However, there are also shorter river cruises on offer. Choosing where you want to travel through will be one of your toughest decisions before booking your river cruises Europe.

Typically the river cruises Europe offers are for seven days and during this time you will stop at several different landmarks to explore. You will begin and end your river cruise in a stunning and exciting European city where you can take the opportunity to explore further. Experiencing a river cruise will be like no other vacation you have been on before and will allow you to step back in time and relax. 


Rhine River Cruises in Europe

The Rhine River is the most popular river cruises Europe offers and thousands of people choose this destination every year. You are offered the most beautiful scenery travelling through the magnificent Black Forest area of Germany. The Rhine River is one of the longest in Europe, therefore, the scenery changes a great deal along the way. This river cruise can offer you a diverse and intriguing experience as you gently sail towards cities that you may have not seen before.


Danube River Cruises in Europe

The Danube River is also situated in Germany; however, it offers an entirely different experience and ensures that you see another side of this incredible country. The Danube River winds its way through 12 different European countries, allowing you to see a huge array of different landscapes and scenery. This river cruise will take you past many of the medieval towns and castles as you make your way to the Black Sea.

You will be able to get off the boat in many different places along the way, and explore the magnificent beauty of these old cities. Although going off shore is part of the river cruises Europe offers, it is not compulsory and you may prefer to enjoy the facilities on board.


See Paris with River Cruises in Europe

Paris has always been the capital of romance and there is nothing more romantic that gently sailing down the Seine River. The Seine flows through Paris to Normandy where you can explore the vineyards that are situated along the banks. Although you may want to see further afield and travel out of Paris, for many a moonlit river cruise down the Seine past the Eiffel Tower is enough. This incredible short river cruise is very popular and will need booking well in advance.


Spain with River Cruises in Europe

If you would prefer to see areas of Spain, taking river cruises Europe offers down the Guadalquivir River is perfect. You will travel through the Andalucía region of Spain experiencing the incredible cuisine and excellent hospitality. Along the way, you will pass by the remarkable cities of Seville and Jerez, which is considered the wine capital of Spain. Whilst in Jerez you will have the opportunity to explore and sample some of the world famous wine on offer.


Douro River Cruises in Europe

The Douro River is one of the smaller rivers and is often forgotten about when looking for river cruises Europe offers. This small but perfectly formed river runs through Northern Spain and Portugal beginning in the historic town of Porto. As you twist and turn along this magnificent river, you will experience stunning scenery and rocky outcrops. The locks along the river make sailing very relaxing, and an ideal speed to sight see along the way.

No trip to Europe would be complete without a river cruise in Venice, and although the Po River is the shortest in Europe it is still a great river cruise. The Po River cruises on offer will include the fantastic scenery of Northern Italy alongside the breath taking romance of Venice. The valley that you travel through is packed full of architectural magnificence and fascinating art galleries. The river cruise itself is quite short; however, there is nothing to stop you staying in Venice for a few extra nights to ensure you see everything the city has to offer.


Discover Europe on River Cruises

With such a huge choice of river cruises Europe offers, you may find the decision process daunting, however, there is nothing to stop you booking again to enjoy other top destinations. Once you have been on a river cruise, you will never look back, and will find that there are many other destinations you want to explore. River cruises are the ideal way to experience many great sights without having to keep checking in, and unpacking. Once you board you can sit back, relax and plan what you aim to experience.

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